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Marshall Olson & Hull is committed to an alternative fee arrangement program that provides a predictable cost structure and aligns the cost and value of our services.  Marshall Olson & Hull’s alternative fee arrangement program enables the Firm and the Client to share not only in the risk but also in the upside of a litigation matter. After receiving an initial case evaluation and budget, the Client can decide whether to proceed with a traditional billing structure or any of the following creatively structured alternatives:

Contingent Fee:  Under a contingent fee arrangement, the Firm is paid only in the event that it obtains a desired result.  The fee is typically a percentage of the total recovery.

Fixed Fee:  In a fixed fee arrangement, the Firm is paid an agreed-on amount for the completion of an agreed-on scope of work.  The Firm assumes the risk of cost overruns, and the Firm benefits if the total hours needed to complete the scope of work is less than expected.

Phased Fee:  Similar to a fixed fee, a phased fee arrangement includes agreed-on fixed amounts for each defined phase of a litigation matter.

Holdback Fee:  In a holdback fee arrangement, the client holds back a percentage of the fee until the completion of a matter (or phase of a matter).  In this hybrid arrangement, if a particular outcome is not achieved, the Client keeps the fee held back.  If the outcome is achieved, then the holdback is paid to the Firm.

Value Fee:  In a value fee arrangement, the Firm is paid a portion of its standard hourly billing, plus an additional amount (a percentage of the recovery or an agreed-on sum) only in the event that a particular outcome is achieved.

To explore any of our alternative fee arrangements, please contact us.