Marshall Olson & Hull is committed to evaluating for the Client—at the outset of an engagement—the cost and likely outcomes of a case. This includes wherever possible exploring both nonlitigation and litigation solutions for the Client so that is the american dream a reality essay the Client is aware of all available options to resolve a legal problem.

There is no doubt that high-stakes litigation is often expensive and risky, but a thorough case review can maximize the predictability of costs, set a range of expected results, is the american dream a reality essay and ensure that the Client and the Firm enter an engagement with clear expectations of the work to be done.

The Marshall Olson & Hull case evaluation and budgeting program typically begins with interviewing, document review, and legal research by an experienced Marshall Olson & Hull attorney. This initial evaluation then leads to the preparation of a scope of work and an anticipated litigation budget. Once the Firm and the Client understand the expected work and cost, the Client can decide whether to proceed with paying a retainer and paying for services at traditional hourly rates, or whether to structure the engagement through OlsonLaw’s alternative fee arrangement program.

By having a detailed plan with the Client at the outset of the engagement, the Firm is well equipped to avoid unnecessary work and proceed with a trial-centered engagement that maximizes the Client’s return.


For an initial case evaluation (or a second opinion), contact us.