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One of the principal causes of client frustration in litigation is the cost of discovery. Marshall Olson & Hull is committed to streamlining the scope (and, in turn, the cost) of discovery. While some cases demand extensive discovery, there is no doubt that a trial-centered approach, employed after careful case evaluation and budgeting, avoids wasting needless hours reviewing unimportant documents and taking unhelpful depositions.

Marshall Olson & Hull an example of the american dream attorney Erik Olson has overseen discovery in cases of all shapes and sizes, ranging from an exchange of a small handful of documents and no depositions at all, to e-discovery of hundreds of thousands of documents and depositions around the world.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to discovery, but less is typically more. For example, an example of the american dream “e-discovery” should mean “easy, effective, efficient electronic discovery,” rather than “expensive discovery.”

In complex cases, Marshall Olson & Hull avoids unnecessary discovery expense by utilizing industry-leading e-discovery review tools to define and examine data sets for relevance, responsiveness, privilege, and confidentiality.  Marshall Olson & Hull has extensive experience with managed data review, utilizing professional trained, experienced e-discovery attorneys at favorable billing rates, rather than the common approach of shifting entry-level associate overhead to the Client through unfocused in-house e-discovery. Contact us to learn more about how Marshall Olson & Hull streamlines litigation discovery.