The BenchIn an age when most cases get bogged down in expensive and time-wasting discovery, never to see the courtroom, Marshall Olson & Hull is committed to streamlining cases (including streamlined discovery), focusing on what is important, and expediting proceedings to trial, unless there are strategic reasons for the Client to take a different course. Careful case evaluation and budgeting before jumping into a case helps to chart a streamlined and expeditious course to trial.

A trial-centered and trial-driven approach—as opposed to the typical discovery-centered approach used by most large firms—means that discovery is simply a trial preparation tool, the american dream paper rather than an end in and of itself. This means avoiding extensions of deadlines whenever possible and dodging unnecessary detours. A trial-centered approach means quickly overcoming any impediments to giving the Client either its day in court before the judge or jury or a favorable settlement. By avoiding delay and sticking to a plan, Marshall Olson & Hull keeps expense to a minimum and maximizes the client’s total return on a case.

In contrast to today’s typical “litigator” who is a discovery attorney with no real trial experience, the american dream paper Marshall Olson & Hull’s attorneys have extensive trial experience and have tried numerous cases to successful final judgment or verdict. Clients should demand results, and Marshall Olson & Hull’s trial-centered approach most often ensures the best possible results for clients, even if the case is settled on the courthouse steps.

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