Case Review and Negotiation

Rather than make big promises without really understanding the facts or having a strategy in place, Marshall Olson & Hull is committed to reviewing and analyzing your case from the outset in order to develop a strategy and game plan that are best suited to your needs and are most likely to lead to the best possible outcome. We explore pre-litigation negotiation in appropriate cases and we provide an analysis and litigation budget to enable the Client to determine the most advantageous course of action.

Trial-Centered Strategy

In an age when most cases get bogged down in expensive and time-wasting discovery, never to see the courtroom, Marshall Olson & Hull is committed to streamlining cases (including streamlined discovery), focusing on what is important, and expediting proceedings to trial. There may be strategic reasons for the Client to take a different course and expensive discovery may be unavoidable, but careful case evaluation and budgeting before jumping into a case helps to chart a streamlined and expeditious course to trial.

Streamlined Discovery

One of the principal causes of client frustration in litigation is the cost of discovery. Marshall Olson & Hull is committed to streamlining the scope (and, in turn, the cost) of discovery. While some cases demand extensive discovery, there is no doubt that a trial-centered approach, employed after careful case evaluation and budgeting, avoids wasting needless hours reviewing unimportant documents and taking unhelpful depositions.


Getting your case to trial may not end the dispute because there may be reason to appeal or you may be forced to defend against an appeal. Marshall Olson & Hull's attorneys are prepared to continue to assist you in navigating the appellate process. Our attorneys have successfully argued before all appellate courts in the State of Utah, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, and other appellate courts.

Get Your Case Back on Track

If you are frustrated with how your lawyers are handling your litigation needs, reach out to Marshall Olson & Hull’s attorneys so that we can assess your case and present a litigation strategy and budget that will meet your needs.

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